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Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation Project Plans PAGE PAGE 3 Technology ImplementationTechnology Implementation PaperAugust 8, 2007Technology Implementation: Management RecommendationsBurney Productions is considering upgrading technologically through the purchase of new software and hardware that will enhance profits, reduce overhead, and improve the organization ability to meet customer satisfaction and needs. Furthermore, the implementation of the new technology services can be added with little or no financial impact. Management and many of the staff members within the organization believe that technological changes are necessary in order for the organization to remain competitive. While others believe that the upgrade is not needed and is an unnecessary expense. In order to determine the technological needs and implementation of successful changes, management is presenting the following recommendations concerning the project plans, implementation plans, related training, and the support strategies.Introduction of any change w ithin an organization can be a catalyst for disruptions and resistance, creating disharmony and decreasing efficiency.ERP- Vendor Evaluation Services, Gap analysis and ...The goal of technological change is usually the desire to increase value and improvement within the organization. Information technology systems have the capacity to hold and analyze a great deal of information, to make retrieval of customer information more quickly, and add value to the data, which is stored among other benefits. However, the introduction of new technology into an organization can be one of the most traumatic and difficult changes that can be encountered.Project PlansManagement of Burney Productions first step of the project upgrade is to determine the needs of the organization that is necessary to provide for its customers on a daily basis. "Upgrading for the sake of upgrading is not sound business strategy. However, continuing to use outdated technology could cost your business. Upgrading may ad vance your company's competitive position in the marketplace"(Kform, 2007, para 5). For this particular reason, all upgrading plans...

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Sales Planning and Operations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sales Planning and Operations - Assignment Example This report is an effort to signify the importance of personal selling in the promotional activities and how they can be used by the Hendrix brothers to foster their sales and service. Significance of Personal Selling in the Promotional Mix â€Å"Promotion is persuasive communication. Companies rely on promotion to inform people about their products and services. Companies also use promotional techniques to enhance their public image and reputation and persuade people that their products are valuable† (Glencoe, n.d., p.362). Non-profit organisations rely on the promotional activities to make the public educated about an issue or to advocate for the changes in a regulation or a policy. The objectives of the promotional activities can be articulated by the phrase AIDA. In the process, the company must attract the attention, build the interest and desire and finally the company must ask for action. Promotion is a significant element of the marketing mix. In the absence of communi cation, the customers may not be aware of the product and its prospective their requirements and desires. A number of different communication tools form a significant part of communication mix. The organisations must decide which tools are required to be used for the larger sales and in specific proportion. There are four significant components of promotion mix including advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations. Promotional mix is an organisation’s total communication a program consisting of various blends of its components and the mix is used to achieve the company’s marketing goals and objectives. â€Å"Personal selling refers to the personal communication with one or more prospective buyers for the purpose of selling a product or service† (NOS, n.d., p.28). Personal selling is one of the most effective tools to communicate with the consumers. Personal selling involves interaction at the personal level and that is why the feedback is received immediately. The communication through personal selling is quite flexible. The sales personnel can adjust the communication according to the understanding of the customers. The personal selling is more persuasive. The selling personnel can convince the consumers about the utility of the product. The efficiency of the impressive salesmen can leave an impression on the potential buyers which in turn would increase the sales in the coming future. There are a number of other forms of promotional mix. Personal selling can offer considerable contribution in the other promotional mix tools. Advertising is an impersonal and paid communication form in order to endorse a physical product or service. The promotional tool can be in the print form as in the newspapers and magazines, in the audio form or in the audio visual form as on the television or cinema screen etc. Personal selling can be used to flaunt the utilities and advantages of the products to intensify the advertisements. Sales promotion refers to the use of short term incentives such as discounts, free gifts, demonstration, store display, free sample coupons etc to encourage the immediate purchase of a product or service. The personal sales team can offer these incentives to the customers to increase the sales and revenue. To a certain extent the significance of personal selling depends on the nature of the product. As a general rule, merchandises which are

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Applicant essay for Registered Nursing Program Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Applicant for Registered Nursing Program - Essay Example The single most important accomplishment in life is the decision to be a nurse. For the last ten years, I have never regretted being in healthcare field. It had been my dream and aspiration since I was a small child. Nursing is challenging, but every challenging experience makes me a better nurse. It gives me great joy and gratification when I assist an ailing person and be instrumental in restoring health. I believe this is what God wants us to do. To help the sick and get them back to their daily work so that they can continue building the society. Being a registered nurse would be a lifetime accomplishment and a dream come true. I believe that I have what it takes to be a registered nurse especially having practices as a registered nursing assistant for over ten years. I have excellent communication skills, which is a core requirement for effective communication with patients and medical professionals (Dossey, Keegan, and American Holistic Nurses Association 372). I have strong emotional intelligence and therefore demonstrate high degree of maturity when handling patients with various problems. Besides, I have gained technical expertise through experience with all kinds of patients with different clinical and psychological problems. I am naturally empathetic and kind thus very efficient in understanding and establishing connection with patients. I find it easy to build trust and confidence with patients. Although I find nursing fulfilling, it has many challenges, which requires a strong personality. I have made it through the ten years by being resilient at work. I can handle challenges of nursing profession and still able to handle family, personal and social obligations. I am cheerful and enthusiastic at my work since I do it with passion and not driven by money. I understand the nursing codes of ethics and therefore uphold high ethical and moral standards. Through experience and close collaboration with registered nurses, and doctors, I have

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Marks of an Educated Person Essay Example for Free

Marks of an Educated Person Essay Holmes describes a liberal arts education as providing â€Å"an opportunity to steward life more effectively by becoming more fully a human person in the image of God.† (The Idea of a Christian College, Pg. 36.) The liberal arts that include subjects such as language, history, speech, philosophy etc. help in making the student a more complete person. Every student approaches learning with a subjective view based on his or her background, beliefs and opinions. A Christian liberal arts education teaches the Christian how to â€Å"be in this world but not of this world† (II Cor. 10:3) It not only addresses the practical aspects of educating for the purpose of career and employment, but it also offers Biblical concepts that help develop the spirit filled and spirit lead life. This adds depth to the liberal arts student that can be applied to the Christian’s witness to the world. The liberal arts education must encompass a broad range of subject matter regardless of the career field. Holmes offer examples such as the healthcare field. Because wellness involves physical as well as mental and emotional and is influenced by such factors as environment and the human spirit, the physician would, according to Holmes benefit from such studies as psychology, sociology in addition to the medical studies. A student’s depth of understanding is dependent on their concepts of communication and speech. For the student to fully integrate their knowledge base they must have basic communication skills. What does the word mean? The Christian liberal arts college incorporates all of these areas into a comprehensive education plan that not only helps to prepare the student to make positive career choices but it also enables the student to broaden his or her spiritual experience as his life witnesses to the world around him. In a world whose values vacillate with whatever is the popular ideology of the day, a Christian liberal arts program helps the student to build on a foundation anchored by God’s Word. As previously stated, we are able to be in this world but not â€Å"of this world.†

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I know why the caged bird sings :: essays research papers

Maya Angelou's I Know Why Caged Bird Sings illustrates how an innocent and naive girl growing up in the midst of the Great Depression overcomes life's many obstacles and becomes the powerful and influential woman she is today. Maya is a world renowned author, teacher, speaker, actress, and mother. Through this autobiographical piece, Maya's use of figurative language and allusion compounds her thoughts, as she depicts how one can supersede the expected barriers and soar to new heights.. In chapters 14 and 15 of the book, Maya's usage of figurative language conveys her struggle to speak. Through a tragic rape by her mother's boyfriend, Maya is scared for life and is led to believe that the very sound of her voice is lethal, consequently, she conceives a six year silence that, not knowing then, could limit her opportunities and convert her fate. After returning from St. Louis and entering Stamps, Maya entered her six year "cocoon." This haven extricated her metamorphic spurt into reality and womanhood. As with every cocoon, there is always a time when one must leave and bravely enter the unknown world behind the shell. Mrs. Flowers encouraged Maya to emerge and assisted her in finding her strongest defense and force, her love of literature, to open this barrier and allow Maya to end the silence. By doing this, it enhanced Maya's courage and willingness to conquer other barriers and fortresses. Maya's love of literature expanded and opened her horizons. One of Maya's favorite pieces of literature is The Tale of Two Cities. She enjoyed it because it was a tale of her life, although in different cities, now being St. Louis and Stamps, it seemed as if she was reading her own autobiography, which is, in fact, rather portentous and foreshadowing. With the first line of the book being, "it was the best of times and the worst of times...", it paints a portrait of Maya's childhood. Maya, even though she struggled through adolescence, was the best times of her life. It was her learning period. It was her no turning back period. She felt as if, even though the outer exterior of the environment was corrupt, why must her life be? It didn't have to be. Maya emerged into being a "dirty and inedible biscuit." Maya is becoming a very strong and independent woman. Most biscuits, when old, are moldy and have a very hard outer covering with a soft

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Post-Modern Scene of Hong Kong Society from Food Literature

The characteristic of Hong Kong culture, the identity of Hong Kong citizen is always a hot topic. In the decade, post-modern has become a new verb to describe Hong Kong. So, this treatise is going to find out if Hong Kong is in post-modern period and emotions of authors and citizens, through the picture of Hong Kong society in food literatures. Methodology This treatise alms to find out the picture of Hong Kong post-modern society from Hong Kong Diet Literature. In this treatise, the definition of â€Å"diet literature† Is generalized to all texts using â€Å"Food† as the theme of literary writing.And the narrowed definition of â€Å"Hong Kong Diet Literature† is all texts using â€Å"Food† as the hem of literary writing, which written and published in HOOK by Hong Kong authors, writing Hong Kong places. By observation, Hong Kong diet literature is absented in the study of Hong Kong literature history. The phenomenon, â€Å"Food† is being popular as a theme in HOOK literature, Is worth to be concerned; it Is proved by using the record from the categories of food culture In the online bookstore, Hong Kong Cookbooks Ltd..As the study Is to find out the picture of Hong Kong post-modern society, post-modern theories by Jacques Deride and Jean-Franà §ois Leotard are used. In this treatise, first, would describe the characteristics of postmodern and a city in post-modern period. Second, shows the velveteen of Hong Kong literature and the relationship with the society. Then show the change of the writing methods and styles in Hong Kong food literatures, by the comparison of the most representative and popular authors in different decades. Thirdly, shows the analysis of post-modern phenomenon shown in literatures. At the end, a respond will be made in conclusion. . Theories of Post-modernism First of all, we should definite clearly about the term â€Å"Post-modern† and â€Å"Post- dermis†; † ‘Post-modern' Is a historic concept, slaying the post-industrial society or the era of Information In the postwar period of World War II. â€Å"; † ‘Post- modernism' is a cultural ideological trend of western society†¦ It is an offspring of morels anon Leganes Walt mayoralty Ana auto It † (Roding, 1 differences between Modernism and Post-modernism are, modernism advocates rationality, eccentricity of metaphysics, integrity; Post-modernism is the opposite of modernism.Theories of Post-modernism are based on two important philosophers: Jacques Deride (1930 – 2004–), â€Å"There is nothing outside of the text. (Deride, 1965), his idea means written text, also everything beside text owns and exhibit their meanings in context; also he advocates â€Å"There is nothing outside context†, means text would have different meaning interpreted by different contexts, and the context would interpreted by another context; which means there is no truth, or only one trea tise to explain a thing, nothing is immobile.It is a critique of modern rationalism empire. Jean-Franà §ois Leotard (1925 – 1998) â€Å"Under this modern society and culture-?post-industry and post-modern culture, the legitimacy of science are questioned in different ways. Meta-narration has lost its credibility, whether it is a unified approach adopted. ‘ (Williams, 1998) In the post- modern society, there are no â€Å"only truth† (meta-narrative), only mint-narratives, language games which have their own rules, vales; it is full of differences.Science, emphasizing evidence, rationality, and accuracy is not a meta-narrative anymore, it is only a small-narrative, as the others. Everything is uncertain, â€Å"Emotion is evidence or a description of incomplete-events in any kind of language games or 1998) also it is evidence to determine â€Å"the boundary between two language games. (Williams, 1998) II. Delimiting meta-narrative in Hong Kong On society aspect After 1 July 1997, meta-narrative â€Å"one country, two systems† has been intervened by China; lots of historical buildings had been broken down; also, financial tsunami, CARS led to great unemployment.In 1 July march in 2003, a large public had attended to the march, opposing the legislation of the Basic law Article 23; over million people were protesting for liberty and democracy. Protestors were come from different social communities, such as businessmen, retired people, young couples and democrats, with anger and anxiety. â€Å"Hong Kong people march†, 2003) Different communities–language games, march in 1 July continually each year; the false utopian meta-narrative and the disappearance of memorable buildings and places create a crake between modern society, which bring Hong Kong in to a post-modern period.On literature In ass's, ass's, there are binary oppositions in Hong Kong literature, they are: rightist/ leftist, elegance/earthliness, realism [moderni sm. (Lung,2008); The concept of the binary between elegance and earthliness of popular culture, high-end and low-end is stall De accuses In Hong Kong, alter literature(cueing ) Nine concept Is developed by a group of intellectual, who brought it to the organizational structure. Besides, traditional study of literature and the study of culture are opposed to each other. In this recent decade, literature becomes important in cultural studies under a multicultural society.The boundary between two studies has become vague; the argument between elegance and earthliness is doubted in cultural studies, while there are different groups of people in popular, the studies would be confined by the boundary. (Chemung & Chug, 2007) Ill. Picture of post-modern society from food literature Development of food literature The change of Hong Kong food literature is very significant, but did not be noted by cultural scholars. In the past, food literature is published in the form of recipes, which is in struction of cooking without author's feelings; the most famous and representative author is called Chain Mongo Yang (1910 – 1997).His prose published in a book â€Å"Bible of Eat†, first posted in newspaper column, got popular because of the principle and stories of food and cooking. (Chain, 2007) Authors' feelings and his/her point of views are reflected in nowadays food literature using colloquial language; ampere with literature written by Chain Mongo Yang, the tone of voice is more casual nowadays, and the main purpose is to express authors' feelings rather than instructing reader. â€Å"There is nothing outside of the text. † Each author is a small- narrative, part of Hong Kong; the study of their works can help to make a more holistic picture of Hong Kong culture.A. The past is always better Nostalgic â€Å"Nostalgic describes an emotional structure. In the formation of a larger cultural context, nostalgic has social and psychological stability and re-ne gotiation function on human cognition and position on the world. (Lie, 2004) â€Å"It's feeling more than ‘substantial old†. In Haying Au Youngest (Ar J) and Lung Aka Skunk's(Lung) writings, they recall the past by using a lot of food symbols, like stall, hot pot, herbal tea; to express their helpless feelings about the current social changes, and cherish the past as the past is always better. Then his eyes with a bit confused, winked his eyes, again, even shook his head unconsciously. Oh, no, this is not a (dish of) â€Å"salt and pepper fresh squid† I used to. Of course we cannot go back, especially when we are fortunately living in this era of horn-sighted speeding, among the personnel of social blundering. We proved impossible to preserve landmarks around the streets, only some vague shadows, distracting thoughts; it is only an echo of a particular verbose complaint which has just finished. † (Au Young, 2007) Ar J saw disappointment from his friend's ey es and actions, because the taste can no longer be reproduced.The evaluation of taste may be affected by personal feelings. Ar J and his friend got emotion in this rapid changeable era. â€Å"In the last day of the old Star Ferry Pier, I parked my car especially at the Central Star Ferry Car Park for the sake to take Star Ferry at the old Star Ferry Pier. It's still in Green Ana went colors, out I Tell strange suddenly, sort Ice-cream was gone, Toulouse ending of the ride was doomed†¦ Finally the new Star Ferry Pier was opened, more food stores opened than before, but they all can be bought in Central Airport Railway Station, soft ice-cream will not come back.I am not nostalgia whether the building of Star Ferry Pier is old or new, I would like to keep the way we were. † (Lung, 2005) The 48-years-old old Star Ferry Pier had been destructed by government under Hong Kong citizens' dissatisfaction and opposition, which increased public awareness of local culture conservatio n, also undermined public trust in government. Lung deliberately took a ride in the last operation day of the old Star Ferry Pier, the new ferry pier was built, but the absence of soft ice-cream, Lung was lost in the imagination of the old days.Emotion is the only evidence â€Å"Emotion is evidence or a description of incomplete-events in any kind of language games or girds. â€Å"(Williams, 1998) The destruction of old buildings, reconstructed by new commercial buildings shows the opposition between Ar J , his friend and the immemorial world; Lung and the government. Old building is a signifier which has an inter subjectivity function, representing the intercommunicate and sharing, and is the common knowledge and experience in a group of people with same cultural background can cognizance.Roland Berates reported â€Å"For many individuals who are there, so in itself contains 1999) However, those â€Å"stable† signifier are erased; Flattened and oversimplified signifier ar e only plays and unstable in this rapid consumerism era. Sense of loss, the emotions expressed is the only articulate evidence. B. Contradiction between language games Western and Local † I have not eaten traditional pancake (Boo-change) for a long time. Thought it had been lost, and no one will do; because today pizza is much popular†¦ Pancake' sounds old, outmoded, who will to eat? Also, nowhere sell. Fast-food chain restaurants launched nostalgic tea meals: fried sweet potato, red and white-steamed clay-pot cake, four stuffed treasures, and salt pancake†¦ Their salt pancake of course does not as delicious as childhood, perhaps its deliciousness is scored by memories†¦ Pan cake has a tenacious 2008) Under the influence of western fast-food culture, western fast-food becomes the main stream; the raise of sense of local identity, create a wave of nostalgia in Hong Kong food industry.Pack Way Lee used salt pancake-?†Boo Change† which means â€Å"thin - support† as a signifier, to signify the tenacious vitality of local culture, which would not be buried so easy. The legislation of western culture has been doubted, the wave of nostalgic tea meal is a way to decentralized the eccentricity of western fast-food. Commerce and Culture In the era of globalization and the development of high-technique, the exchange of economy, culture has become easier and faster; boundaries between countries are Duller c, local culture Decodes ten capital In ten commercial game. Across the road in front of Lung Fun Restaurant, is King Way restaurant, introduced red bean paste moon cake, which is regarded as exceptional alternative moon cake. But in these last ten years, moon cake has dazzling means. Moon cake is getting more and more unlike moon cake. Crystal moon cake is glutting in the market, now chocolate is used as a moon cake, I very much doubt it is moon cake or cake (xi being). Cakes are supplied over 365 days; Moon cake, the real role in legend is, as a media to pass the message of uprising when full moon.

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Essay on The Controversial Issues of Obedience - 1136 Words

Individuals think differently when it comes to obedience. One might think of how we train dogs to be obedient, another might relate obedience to punishing a child for breaking a rule, or even others think about Hitlers Regime in Germany. When it comes to obedience, there are several sides. Stanley Milgrams article, Obedience to Authority, expresses his view of obedience as an intensely embedded behavioral tendency to obey where a potent impulse can override training in ethics, sympathy, and moral conduct. On the other hand, in the article Review of Milgrams Experiments on Obedience, Diana Baumrind represents her view that contradicts Milgrams. Baumrind believes that obedient attitudes vary according to what is appropriate for†¦show more content†¦Before beginning the experiment, each teacher is given a shock of 45 volts to support their belief of the generator. However, the teacher is the actual subject of the experiment and the learner is only an actor who receives no shock at all and is only there for the success of the experiment. The purpose of the experiment is not to test memory, but to see how far a person will go when being ordered to inflict increasing pain to a protesting victim. The first controversial issue is the relationship between the authority and the subordinate. In Milgrams study he uses an experimenter in a lab coat to be the authoritative figure and the volunteer subject as the subordinate. He states in his article, The subjects do not derive satisfaction from inflicting pain, but they often like the feeling they get from pleasing the experimenter. He goes on to say how they are proud of themselves for obeying the experimenter under the difficult circumstances. He compares this relationship between the experimenter and subject to the SS men or members of the German Officer Corps to Hitler in Germany. Baumrinds view on the Milgrams parallel between his study and Hitlers Germany is that Milgram failed to establish a clear correlation. She does not believe you can compare these two circumstances because they do not relate in the sameShow MoreRelatedStanley Milgram vs. Diana Baumrind Essay1169 Words   |  5 PagesThe Controversy of Obedience A classic experiment on the natural obedience of individuals was designed and tested by a Yale psychologist, Stanley Milgram. The test forced participants to either go against their morals or violate authority. For the experiment, two people would come into the lab after being told they were testing memory loss, though only one of them was actually being tested. The unaware individual, called the â€Å"teacher† would sit in a separate room, administering memory relatedRead MoreMilgram’s Study of Obedience to Authority772 Words   |  3 Pagesoutline Milgram’s experiment of obedience and outline ethical issues relating to it. Before outlining Milgram’s experiment this essay will look at Milgram himself. ‘Stanley Milgram was born in New York in 1933. A graduate of Queens College and Harvard University, he taught social psychology at Yale and Harvard Universities before become a Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Centre of the City University Of New York.’ (Zimbardo, 2010) Milgram’s study of obedience was an experiment that lookedRead MoreStanley Milgram s Research On Obedience863 Words   |  4 PagesStanley Milgram s groundbreaking studies on obedience certainly shocked the world with their electrifying results. The experiment that Milgram conducted included ordinary people delivering â€Å"shocks† to an unknown subject, which caused much controversy to occur and raised many questions in the psychological world. Diana Baumrind, a psychologist at the University of California and one of Milgram’s colleagues, attacks Milgram’s ethics in her review. She decides that Milgram s tests are unethical towardsRead MoreObedience : Behind The Unethical And Valid True Essay1716 Words   |  7 PagesGuadalupe Loza Professor Comstock English -80 28 October, 2014 Obedience: Behind the Unethical and Valid True The action of believing on what is right according to reality and its own self; make obedience part of each individual responsibility, regardless other people behavior. Stanley Milgram was an American social psychologist that conducted in the 1960s one of the most famous studies referring on how people obey or disobey to certain authoritarian instructions. The experiment basically consistedRead MoreEssay on The Milgram Experiment1572 Words   |  7 PagesThe Milgram Experiment (Hart) Stanley Milgram’s experiment in the way people respond to obedience is one of the most important experiments ever administered. The goal of Milgram’s experiment was to find the desire of the participants to shock a learner in a controlled situation. When the volunteer would be ordered to shock the wrong answers of the victims, Milgram was truly judging and studying how people respond to authority. Milgram discovered something both troubling and awe inspiring about theRead MoreEssay on Evaluation of Milgrams Obedience Study1023 Words   |  5 PagesEvaluation of Milgrams Obedience Study Stanley Milgram was from a Jewish background and conducted the experiment to see how people can obey to an apparent authority figure e.g. Germans in World War II. He advertised for participants in a newspaper offering payment of $4.50. Volunteers were told that the experiment was looking at the effects of punishment on learning. The participant played the role of the ‘teacher’ and the ‘learner’ was a stooge, Mr Wallace. The teacherRead MoreStanley Milgram vs. Diana Baumrind1671 Words   |  7 PagesObedience: Does it have its limits? When individuals abandon their own freedom for the benefit of the larger group, they are no longer individuals but products of conformity. Obedience to authority can become dangerous when morals and independent thought are stifled to the point that harm is inflicted upon another person. The Perils of Obedience by Stanley Milgram reports on his controversial experiment that test how far individuals would go in obeying orders, even if carrying out those ordersRead MoreComparing Views on Stanley Milgrams Experiment on Obedience991 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1963 a psychologist named Stanley Milgram conducted one of the greatest controversial experiments of all time. Milgram tested students from Yale to discover the obedience of people to an authoritative figure. The subjects, whom did not know the shocks would not hurt, had to shock a â€Å"learner† when the â€Å"learner† answered questions incorrectly. Milgram came under fire for this experiment, which many proclaimed was unethical. This experiment of Milgram’s stimulated the creation of several responsiveRead MoreEthics And Social Psychology Research775 Words   |  4 Pages it is likely that some of the most famous experiments in social psychology such as experiment by Stanley Milgram on â€Å"Behavioral Study of Obedience† exemplify ethical misconduct. However, with the publishing of the first American Psychological Association Code of Ethics (APA, 2010), controversial and unethical experiments such as the Stanley Milgram Obedience Experiment have been scrutinized. Also, the appropriate regulatory body such as APA for psychological experiment provides guidelines and enforceRead MoreSummary Of The Perils Of Obedience Essay979 Words   |  4 Pagesa profound psychologist, conducted an experiment of obedience, which became immensely popular and revealed the power of obedience in today s world. Milgram presented his findings in his article, The Perils of Obedience. Like Milgram, Phi lip Zimbardo, professor of psychology at Stanford University at the time, conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment, which tested average people s abilities, or lack thereof, to resist authority or obedience. Lee Ross, professor of psychology at Stanford University